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One Flank Gear Rolling Inspection Machines

One Flank Gear Rolling Inspection is a fast inspection method for gears

The root principle of One Flank Gear Rolling is meshing a Master Gear (a near perfect gear) and a workpiece with a fixed axial distance. By using a braked axle only one flank (left or right, thrust or trailing) is meshing.

Both axes are fitted with a rotary encoder, allowing to compare the actual-/desired angle. In contrast to Double Flank Gear Inspection an independent evaluation of both flanks is possible. Depending on workpiece geometry FRENCO is offering different variants of Machines

All Machines are equipped with FRENCO Measurement Electronics MEG32. Evaluation is done with FRENCO Software RMpro.

Device for Cylinder Gears

Rolling Inspection with Master Gear

  • For external Gears
  • Recording of rolling curves of left and right flanks
  • Evaluation of backlash and tooth thickness
  • Evaluation of amplitude spectrum
  • Adaptations for customer needs are possible

Product Video

Device for Worms and Helical Gears

Rolling Inspection with Helical Master Gear (available at FRENCO) or Mating Product Gears

  • Evaluation of pitch deviation, tooth to tooth error and concentricity
  • Evaluation of Backlash and tooth thickness variation
  • Smallest testable tolerance Tmin ≥ 10 µm (Type-2 study with master)
  • Precise granite machine base
  • Compact frame with integrated Measurement Electronics and PC
  • Linear encoders for precise setting of axle distance and measuring plane
  • Axle distance: 30 – 300 mm
  • Maximum workpiece diameter: 400 mm
  • Workpiece weight: Up to 80 kg
  • Opening stroke: 30 mm

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